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One Legacy Coaching (OLC) is named for the values of interconnectedness, and our ways of being in relationship with ourselves, each other, and the environments where we live and work. Our actions reflect the collective state of our communities and the world.

While we do not always see the literal flow of these effects in our daily lives, it is imperative that we are aware of the greater impact of our choices and actions around our self care, relationships, and organizational and business offerings. We do not always have the opportunity for non-biased, non agenda driven feedback on the ways we impact ourselves and others, personally and professionally.

Experiencing our awareness of self, other and the world through real time learning with horses allows for honest and valuable responses to our patterned ways of being, both those that serve us well, and those we would like to shift. Horses interact with us in both reflective and responsive ways that allow us to better inform our communication styles and decision making processes.

Learning with horses can profoundly impact your communication, leadership capacity, relationships, team dynamics and organizational alignment. Horses live in a state of presence and as such invite us to what is true for us right now. This is an opportunity to assess what is working for us currently, what we want to expand, and where we want to use less energy.

OLC honors nature and horses, combined with somatic (body based) wisdom, as the heart center of the learning and decision making processes. We work with clients who are ready for growth, facing inevitable change, and committed to creating positive, diverse and inclusive influences and outcomes for themselves and their organizations. 

We coach, consult and co-create with individuals, social entrepreneurs, B Corps and social justice impact organizations committed to aligning their internal values and actions with the resulting impact on themselves, the environment in which they operate, and the diverse local and international clients and communities they serve.


OLC invites you to a new conversation and way of learning for renewed action today. Together we can creatively and innovatively contribute to a more equitable, accessible, and inclusive way of living and doing business.

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