Action & Pace

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, ‘What are you doing for others?’”  ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

We often think of the term legacy as an ominous or exclusively wealth induced possibility that exists after we have left this life.  In truth, when we share what we have learned, when we teach others + facilitate their growth, when we share our creativity, we are engaging in acts of legacy. When you positively impact another life, you are contributing to a continuum of choice.  Everyday there are people who facilitate life moments for us that happen in a brief exchange or over a period of time through sharing their passion + creativity + actions that contribute to our reflection + growth.

If you take the time right now to remember the people who have most influenced the beauty + learning in your life, and truly made a difference, consider the inputs of their actions + offers.  Did it come in the form of a conversation, an action, an extended relationship, much needed resources? The shift that took place in your life is legacy. 

What learning and wisdom do you have to share?  What products or services do you or your business have to share that change the way people interact + live their daily lives? What change of consciousness or social awareness would you most like to contribute to?  I invite you to start today with one small action, and share your story with us.

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