OLC Founder

Christine J. Erickson


Christine has lived and worked in multiple countries and cultures, as an executive, entrepreneur and educator. Through her interdisciplinary learning and organizational experience, she developed an integral lens on human rights injustices, and a resolve to challenge systemic barriers to equality, and equitable access.

Her experiences and observations of the ways people lead, and the power dynamics of how people are treated in local and global communities, and within organizational and business cultures, led her to work which examines the connections and chasms between the presumed intentions and the actual impact of corporate, small business, and humanitarian based initiatives, services and policies.

She combines her business acumen with a compassionate presence, to offer powerful and effective leadership coaching and strategic consultative work with her clients. For the past decade, she has integrated the knowing ways of horses with respect to leadership, integrity, and presence, into her work. She has been profoundly influenced and informed by her own experiences with horses.

Christine maintains a practice of mutual respect and a consent-based approach to learning, with regard to the horse and human relationship. She integrates nature-centered reflection, somatic informed practices, and connective horse experiences with her clients for an unprescribed, guided learning experience.

She is a founding facilitator of the Stanford University Red Barn Leadership Program, which provides leadership development programs and coaching with horses to executives and corporate teams. Christine has extensive cross training and is certified in methodologies and approaches to equine and nature centered learning, education and coaching. She is also certified in Mental Health First Aid, and is a long time student and advocate of trauma informed research, learning and practices.

Christine is a committed advocate for women who do not have children, and is the is the founder of New Legacy Women, a community for women who are not parents, who are involuntarily living without children. She supports dialogue that addresses the hidden dynamics of parental privilege, and conversations that strengthen understanding and unity between women who are nonparents and those who are parents.

Christine is moved and motivated by the resilience of the human spirit. She is committed to the restoration of integrity in everyday choices and actions, in individual, community and organizational spaces, as it impacts our personal dignity and collective humanity.


Christine is the best selling author of this international award winning eBook:
The Mother Within: A Guide to Accepting Your Childless Journey
For related services and programs visit: www.newlegacywomen.com