Changing Direction: The Patterns and Roles We Choose

The years I spent in international development, and as an international executive made clear to me the repeated and systemic patterns of sexism, racism and classism, all deeply embedded in US culture.

Everyday Legacy: Nonku Tutani Jijita

Love Nonku Handmade

Setting the Pace for 2017

While much of our energy may be drawn into renewed commitments and buckets of intention for the New Year, we also have the opportunity to pause and assess the pace at which we are moving through the various domains of our lives.

Horses offer a beautiful example of energy efficiency and pace. Whether observing or interacting with them, we can experience how horses live and move from a place of relevant pace, depending on what is required in the moment.

Hunter Rising

Today marks four months since this sweet soul came into my life, and meeting him has taken me on a most unexpected journey.

This connective spirit came from challenging circumstances, and has since grown into the reflection of his name. He sports a newly nourished body, and has just begun a process of physical rehabilitation to address the human patterns + choices that have severely weakened his body and movement capacity.

In Loving Memory of Babar

The arrival of the Summer Solstice seemed an apt time to express my deep gratitude for the life of a very special being. The day marked two weeks since the passing of Babar, the majestic herd leader at Beaumont Farms. 

However, the words did not come.

The past weeks have been heavy hearted and filled with losses, both personally and collectively, not the least of which was Babar’s passing.

I still have not found my words.