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Buffie Harris is a designer, photographer, and Feng Shui consultant in Sebastopol, CA. She is an active member of the community and has created an Art Sparks! offering, entitled Word of the Month. Her message is emailed to those who participate, along with a quote and an aesthetically connective image each month, with the intention of inspiring all who receive it.

In addition to the email message, Buffie hangs a sign with the word of the month outside her second floor office window, which is visible from the main thoroughfare into the town. She has also invited other businesses in the community to post the word each month, in an effort to create a collectively reflective and positive energy. She has been doing this for the past two years.

I personally love receiving these email messages, and invite you all to consider how you might expand this Everyday Legacy by sharing and posting the Word of the Month in your neighborhood, communities, office, schools or any space with the potential for others to participate.

On January 22nd, Buffie was named the 2015 Citizen of the Year for Sebastopol. She was honored with this award for all of her community participation and contribution.  For the news article, click here. Congratulations, Buffie!

You can sign up for the Word of the Month messages here: http://www.designorbit.com/design-orbit-art-sparks-signup/ To find out more about Buffie and her work, please visit: www.designorbit.com

With heart,

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Christine, thank you for your thoughtful and generous energy in spreading the "word of the month" inspirations. Heck, one day may be it will go viral - wouldn't that be something!

Buffie Harris

Thank you, Buffie. And YES! I would love to see the Word of the Month inspirations go viral! I have such a clear vision of this being in schools, businesses, neighborhoods and communities. It is possible, and such a beautiful idea.

Again - thanks for your kindness & support! In case any one would like to participate - Here are the "Words" for 2015. Creativity and other languages invited!

Jan: Arise
Feb: Love
March: Collaborate
April: Progress
May: Create
June: Generate
July: Evolve
August: Shift
Sept: Expand
Oct: Fascinate
Nov: Reciprocate
Dec: Peace

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